DermaBlend - Go Beyond The Cover

You may recall Zombie Boy or Rick Genest, from the Lady Gaga video for Born This Way a while back...
This is such a truly amazing ad campaign from DermaBlend; simple (I'm guessing not in the execution - imagine how many hours he had in make-up), yet so effective. I'm always on the yearn to work on creative ideas like this. 


Food for Thought

“I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth, and I am a citizen of the world.”


A Moment With - Florence White, Make-up Artist

I'm so fortunate, that in my job I get to meet some pretty amazing people who manage to inpsire me in a host of different ways.
I first met Florrie, about a year ago now. I'd invited her in to our offices to discuss brands and was instantly in to her laidback persona ,clean/natural approach  and not forgetting her immense knowlege about all things beauty
I think in today's realm we're so over-run by what we call "experts", in practically everything and sometimes all I want to do is garner a few tibbits from those I'm most infleunced by...

 How did you start out as a make-up artist and why?
"I was lucky enough to get some work experience backstage on a make up team at some LFW shows and see whether I was really committed to change careers and then I signed up for a 3 month make up course at the Glauca Rossi Make up School. I then became a first assistant to a top make up artist for a couple of years. I think it is the best way to learn and make contacts within the industry"

Describe your own personal routine when it comes to getting ready of a morn?
"Every morning without fail I dry body brush before getting in the shower. I use a Clarisonic machine on my face in the shower. I alternate products as I am lucky enough to be sent many different ones to try out. I am a true product aficionado. I then use eye cream, serum, moisturiser, lip plumper and then moisturise my body top to toe (I have been doing that since I was 14). The whole process takes me approx. 20 minutes with a further 5 minutes on make up. I should probably spend more time on my hair but feel that a great cut needs very little attention (Thank you George Northwood!). I never have breakfast at home but do take a Pukka tea with me in my flask!"

What is your personal approach to all-encompassing beauty?
"Acceptance of yourself and making the best version of yourself. Easier said than done. Time is tight and temptation is high!"

Any particular favourite brands/products  that never fail you?

 What do you do to relax?
"Large glass of red, a facial, cinema trip, cooking and baking, dancing with friends, trying out a new restaurant - not all at the same time but ideally I would like to fit all of that into a free weekend."

In terms of make-up what’s your favourite look to create and why?
"I love feminine sexy women. I like to bring out the best features of the model or actress and then add a modern twist whether it is the latest lip colour out from a favourite brand or an eyeliner in a new texture. I adore Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot in their hay days"

Any insider tips you’d like to share?
"Take time over your skincare and base and then you can really play around with colour and have fun with the rest of your make up."



Cool Sounds; Maverick Sabre

Chapter 2 of Cool Sounds and this time I wan't to highlight the pretty incredible Maverick Sabre.
I must admit, that generally, when it comes to music I'm more of a lyricist; finding the merging of words more impactful than the overall sound itself. But as I've had my headphones glued to my ears these last few weeks, whislt pounding London streets, I've had his tracks on constant loop; completely intoxicated by the sound of this London born, Irish raised virtuoso.

You've probably heard "Let Me Go' but also find sweet music to the ears with "Look What I've Done" and "I Can Never Be"....

Step Up

Such a bloody great idea to inspire the minds and feet of the dreary. Tired of seeing fully capable lazy arse jambos on the escalators every morn 


Moving stuff

Being Human

I've been geting a tad jaded by street style blogs lately. You lnow, the a-typical formula or photographing everything from the weird and exhitionnists to  those draped in unattainable  luxury.

So I've founded myself with a dwindling supply of street snapper inspiration. Until I passed through Natural Belle last week and was introduced to Au coin de ma rue. 
What started off as a regular streetstyle blog has veered into really sweet intimate forray past the aesthetics to give you an idea and a sense of who the subject, something I felt was lacking in this area. Enjoy!


Food for Thought

My silence has been partly due to that fact I'm holidaying in France and partly to do with not having a damned thing to so say... That said I'm bursting with my usual ineloquent diatribe, so posting will resume to its usual sporadicity next week.