Loc Moment

I'm having a loc moment. Similar to the septum moment of 2006 when I'd convinced myself that my face just felt incomplete without the gold captive bead ring I'd spied a few months prior.
Whilst it may be that a septum revival is piercing through to the mainstream, my hankering for nasal adornment is well and truly over. In its place has grown some serious loc love. My desktop is currently full of inspirational shots of  old school style crushes Lisa Bonet and Lauryn Hill, plus this current preoccupation had me stumbling across a killer 2010 editorial where Liu Wen sports cropped locs in L'Officel China.
I'm pretty sure it's a go; my only hesitance is with what method to go with... 


Lord & Berry Sketch Eye Shadow Pencil

Soft. Creamy. Fluid. Light. Slick. Dark, oh, so dark. These are just some of the words that come to mind when describing what certainly is the best eye pencil you're ever going to use. I know, big statement, right? But for real, like many I'd been on that eternal hunt to find the perfect liner; one that offers, versatility and precision whilst effortlessly gliding deep, rich, inky pigment across my lids. It was journey ventured with many a disappointment; liquid liners that promised to be blacker than black but dried grey on the skin or "Soft Kohl" that was as easy to blend as kiln done clay - read not at all.
So when I happened across the Lord & Berry Sketch Eye Shadow Pencil it was with much indifference, convinced that this too would be relegated to the "Lies, lies, lies" bin of beauty losses. But boy how wrong was I.
Multi-hyphenate, doubling-up as both a shadow and a liner; sharp elongated wings can be glided on just as easily as an intense worn-in smoky eye that sits perfectly without fading or streaking. How have I not discovered one of these before? You see, with this kind of pencil you find yourself playing at make-up in a way which single purpose items don't really inspire; a good hour or so has been spent in front of the mirror working on a manor of different winged effects that then are re-worked into the aforementioned smouldering smoky eye, building up intensity and extravagance with each blend.
So, for now I'll say it "I've found my staple eye pencil at long last". Now for those staple jeans, jacket, red lip, basic tee, nude nail colour.... does the list ever stop?


Back Up - Donyale Luna

In 1966 Donyale Luna became the first black model to appear on a British Vogue cover when she graced the March issue, shot by David Bailey. Famed for her feline-like beauty; often accentuated by geometric liner and smatterings of glitter, combined with her  otherworldly lithe physique, Donyale challenged then stereotypical notions on aesthetic appreciation and was to be an ever present fixture of 1960s fashion with her beauty and insouciance attracting the likes of Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, and Rolling Stones musician Brian Jones.
Now when we think back to 'Supers' of colour Donyale is often forgotten in favour of Beverley, Tyra and Naomi, but I say back-up and take a moment to appreciate this game changer.


Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser

Ice cold morning showers are a must when you're waking up in a pool of your own sweat and a haze of lethargy hanging over you; don't get me wrong, the freakish heat wave we're having right now is not getting any hate from me.
Recently these cold AM blasts have been accompanied by the rather excellent Reviving Body Cleanser from Ruby Red, a new range of skincare based around natural, bod friendly goodness – my favourite kind.
Jam packed with the kind of ingredients (think Lime, Mandarin, and Coriander) guaranteed to give you that extra bit of get-up and go as you prep for the day ahead, without leaving those clingy, heavy essential oil type scents that are usually accompanied with products of the like – is it only me who prefer cleansers to be light and non-fussy for Summer?
Whilst scent and sensory are near to top when it comes to cleansers, the most important factor is always going to be, do I feel clean? Well, in this case most definitely as botanical based glucosides (from corn don’t ya know?) and coconut make for effective cleansing agents that leave skin purified and feeling refreshed.


Prada does damp do

It looks like Prada are holding on to Spring/Summer 2012’s  love affair with wet look hair with their latest ad campaign.
Freja, Catherine, and Christy all rock the many attempted and much loathed (I mean how impractical was this?) damp do, whilst smouldering with smudged-in eye and berry stained lips; t slightly reminiscent of Edward Cullen circa New Moon

Monday Moods - Making A Splash

Monday Jam



Sun Kissed

With tomorrow set to be the hottest day of the year so far (bring it on!)  my mind has been overtaken by all things Summer sun...

Like those delicious meals you'll be enjoying in the park or dining street side at your favourite restaurant 

Or those places you would be, should be. No, could be!

And finally begin able to showcase that Summer wardrobe that you thought would never see the light of day